What’s Game On! Lab?

Game On! Lab is the reference point for research, training and services on how to use game thinking to overcome participation and engagement challenges in organizations.

Combining its extensive experience and constant lines of investigation into the use of game design thinking, Game On! Lab is a pioneer, transforming business and social challenges into participative solutions.

With over 10,000 users and 200 clients in small, medium and large businesses, Game On! Lab has become the reference point in providing gamification solutions that help companies worldwide improve project efficiency.

Part of the know-how of Game On! Lab is based on the Gamification Model Canvas, which has allowed us to come into contact with other cultures, companies and projects around the world, helping us to improve and iterate the design processes in our client's projects.

Game On! Lab Madrid


The game is the journey

We understand games as a means to meet goals based on people participation.


Beyond points and badges

We believe games influence people but think that points and badges are boring.


We are changing the world

We want to build, together with you, tomorrow's business.