Game On! collaborates with the AC/E Annual Report on gamification in culture

Game On! collaborates with the AC/E Annual Report on gamification in culture

The AC/E report on Digital Culture has become an annual reference document that analyzes the evolution of digital trends in the world of culture. Each year it focuses on a particular sector.

The first part of the Annual Report contains nine review articles that analyze the main technology trends with a wide cross-section approach that can be applied to any cultural entity.

Technology trends this year range from the impact of new concepts like “gamification “, “transmedia narratives” and “crowdfunding ” on the cultural sector, to topical issues such as culture in cloud computing, how to sell culture via the Internet and the role of social networks in promoting culture, among others.

For the trend of gamification, the annual report includes the participation of Sergio Jiménez, CEO and producer of Game On! Lab to address the exciting opportunity for the cultural sector to use game thinking and game mechanics.

This section covers everything from the “need” to practical and real-life gamification applications being used in areas such as film, literature, theaters and museums, as well as reviewing the main challenges to be addressed in order to create participatory solutions.

The AC/E Annual Report on Digital Culture is available for free with a Creative Commons license, of an “Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivatives ” type, which gives users the right to copy and redistribute it by any means, as long as the AC/E and the authors are appropriately credited, it is not used for commercial purposes and is in no way altered.

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