What's Game On! Toolkit?

Game On! Toolkit is a tool that allows you to learn and practice gamification by designing your own game-based solutions. With Game On! Toolkit you can design your own games in an agile, flexible and systematic way through a canvas based on the Gamification Model Canvas.

Game On! Toolkit offers the possibility to find game-based solutions either for if: you´ve already identified the necessary or desired behavior in your players but want to improve participation; or you´re looking for new engagement opportunities.

It also provides exclusive access to videos that explain everything you need to know to create fun for your users. Through different modes, you´ll be turned into a game designer or organize sessions with your team to design solutions aligned to results. In addition, you can count on Sergio Jiménez and his experience to validate your model and to resolve any doubts you may have about your project.

So, what are you waiting for to create your own games?

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Interactive Sessions

Conceptualize your gamification solution in an interactive way using the board and the 96 design decision cards.


Better with your Team

Organize sessions in your company to find game-based solutions using the know-how and experience of your teams.


Run your Workshop

Develop your own interactive gamification workshops, as participants work together to find game-based solutions.

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